Vom Blutfeuer German Shepherds is located in Calera, Alabama, just south of Birmingham. We strive to produce sound and stable workers with high drives, good orthopedics, great temperament, good health, and strong pedigrees. We want to bring the breed back to healthy working dogs with correct confirmation and good orthopedics. We are extremely cautious with choosing our breeding stock. While there are many good dogs out there, we want the best for our breeders. This means dogs that excel in sport and working venues (IPO, K9, SAR, SDA, PSA, Personal Protection), but also have exceptional temperaments. We certify all of our breeding stock and study generations of dogs and what they throw in orthopedics to try to produce good hips and elbows. We raise all of our puppies in a home environment, and start neural stimulation as soon as they're born. Within their first 2 months they're exposed to different surfaces, sounds, smells, and sights, as well as drive building, to ensure that every puppy that leaves our facility is sound and stable and confident. We also provide dog training geared toward Schutzhund, Service Dogs of America, personal protection, tracking, and obedience.

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