For Sale

Occasionally we will have young adults and adults for sale or placement. Currently, we do not have any available. 

Puppy Placement

We take the placement of our dogs and puppies very seriously as the welfare of the dogs depends upon the proper placement of our offspring. We will give special consideration to handlers that are experienced in competitive dog sports including (but not limited to) schutzhund, SDA, PSA, herding, police dog work, search and rescue, and service dogs. However, we place utmost importance on the dog or puppy finding a good, loving, understanding home where they can be cherished as a member of the family. We will not place a high drive puppy or dog in a pet home. 

Our dogs and puppies leave here on Limited AKC Registration. This can be lifted to Full AKC Registration at 24 months of age, after they are health tested (minimum of Hip and Elbow certification through OFA or SV) as well as a working title. 

Under the right circumstances, we are open to a co-ownership with those that wish to be working homes. 

All of our puppies are raised in home and handled from day 1. We spend countless hours raising, interacting, and stimulating our puppies. We have obstacle courses for our puppies to get them exposed to different surfaces and sounds. We begin drive building early. Our goal is to produce healthy, confident pups with an emphasis on sound temperaments, orthopedics, conformation, and workability. They will be vaccinated and wormed before leaving our care. 

  • Luna
  • Leika
  • Loki
  • Tala
  • Max

The pups shown above are not available. 


Our puppy prices range from $1500-$2000, depending on the particular litter. We require a $500 deposit when the litter is bred to reserve pick order. (Anything before then will be on our wait list in which the order of contact has the first right to place a deposit). 

Deposits can be rolled to another litter should a puppy not be suited towards your needs from that particular litter. Preference will be given to working homes for our litters. 

A puppy application must be filled out before any deposits are made. Contact us for these applications.