Darko von Hanrahaus

Max is a large bi-color West German lined male. He is very outgoing, has a wonderful temperament, and is great with people and animals alike. He is very high drive and well-rounded, showing a lot of fight at such a young age. His grips are full and extremely powerful. He has a great willingness to please his handler. He has a deep nose and is showing the ability to precision track already. One thing that we love about Max is his off-switch. He can go from working to cut off and laying around the house with us. He is currently being trained for IPO. We have high hopes of showing him in his first conformation show in the late fall, and plan on doing IPO and SDA with him. 




OFA pending 2016

DM: Clear

V Drago vom Patriot

SCH3, LG-FCI, KKL1, ZW 74, HD/ED Normal

Drago is a large, stunning bi-color male of West German lines. He is very masculine and has a WOW factor about him. He has tremendous intensity, incredible grips and extreme power that allows him to dominate the helper. He is extremely fast and agile. 

Breed Survey:  Large, powerful and full-bodied stressed stretched, expressive overall rugged appearance, accentuated withers, good topline and Krupp education, well angulated in front and rear, balanced chest proportions, correct front, spirited, ground covering gait, lively safe beings TSB pronounced, from leaves. under farming Recommendation: Remarkably high willingness to work. Recommended the consolidation of TSB.

Lumpi vom Hünxer Wald

IPO3, ZW 79, HD/ED Normal

Lumpi is a large black female of West German lines. She as outstanding bone and structure. She is an excellent tracker. She has a high willingness to work and please her handler. Her bites are full and hard. She has high fight drive and is as tough as any male. She guards high and with extreme intensity.