SG Tala Khaleesi vom Sequoyahhaus CGC, FO, BH, APR1                                                        

Tala is a long-coat dark sable with very rich pigment. She has a nice head with a feminine expression, dark eyes, and a nice earset. She is a of medium size and strength with good proportions, good head and neck, and beautiful topline. She is incredibly fast and agile. She has OFA Good hips and Normal Elbows, is a DM Carrier (A/N), and has full dentition. She scored SG-1, the highest score available in her class, in her first conformation show with an excellent rating from the judge. 

Tala is social, but protective of her family. She goes everywhere she can with me. She is great with other animals. One of the best things about Tala is her off-switch. She has very high drive, and is energetic, but will cut off and lay around with her family. She has a phenomenal temperament, very patient, very loving and upbeat. She has very high ball and prey drive, good food drive, good fight drive. She lives to work. She is a beautiful tracker, very precise and methodical. Her obedience is always happy and lively. Protection is where she really shines. She is incredibly fast and agile, strikes hard, bites full, and will always try to dominate the helper. Even at her size she will control the arm and make it very difficult for the helper to drive her! She has a beautiful bark and hold, and will high-guard as well. Her long bite is always fast and hard. She is also very good in realistic situations and suitwork.  She is started in muzzle fighting as well. 

We plan on going for our IPO1 in fall of 2014, then plan on achieving our Police Dog titles through SDA (Service Dogs of America), as well as show in a few more conformation shows. 


OFA Good hips, OFA Normal Elbows

DM: Carrier

Tala Suitwork

Tala Sleevework


1-19-13: Tala achieves her AKC CGC at Renegade Working Dogs

5-24-13: Tala achieves her FO with a 88.5 at Tennessee Working Dog Association

11-24-13: Tala achieves her SG-1 show rating and her BH at Cedar Hill Working Dog Club

5-25-14: Tala achieves her APR1 with 86 in obedience and 93 in protection at OG Nashville

Irmus Galan Nalag 


Irmus is a dark sable Czech male with tremendous power, drives, and stamina. He has punishing bites and is extremely fast, and is consistently voted "Helper's Favorite". He is a hard dog with excellent working drives and a strong willingness to please. He is a WUSV participant, and is on the US team for this year as well. 

Dolores sovi mlyn 

FO, P1, PD1 Pennip 60th percentile, Normal elbows

"Little D" is a patterned red sable female of a mix of Czech, Belgian, and German lines. She is a compact female, extremely fast and agile. She has extremely high fight drive, and very high drives all around. She has a wonderful temperament and is social.